Trisha Brown in Philly

We were chosen to design the final Trisha Brown performances by the company being curated and performed in Philadelphia. The work captured the innovation and excitement of Trisha Brown’s choreography throughout the years.

trisha brown2

From the ground up: Identity + Website

We were asked to create a new website and identity for a self professed professional organizer, We tried to catch some of the fun energy in the products she sells in her new website.


A fresh approach!

Bryn Mawr was looking for a fresh approach to a brochure that celebrates their donors. Their focus was the school’s first student competing in Track and Field at the National level. We thought it would be fun to have the runner lead the journey through the brochure. Check it out!


PENN Memory Center’s Making Sense of Alzheimer’s website

We designed a brand new website for University of Pennsylvania’s Memory Center, Making Sense of Alzheimer’s. The intention was to create an innovative tool for patients and clinicians and to make “Making Sense of Alzheimer’s Disease” a thought-leader in the field. We integrated video and audio podcasts, written material and photography to reinforce the impression of “Making Sense of Alzheimer’s Disease” as the go-to website about Alzheimer’s and to highlight the websites intent to be an evolving resource for clinicians and patients alike.

A new look!

A complete redesign of the Independence Foundation’s website. We wanted to highlight their impact in the Philadelphia Arts, Culture, Heathcare and Legal community by featuring those organizations they fund to create change.


New Identity

New identity for art gallery Carol Schwartz Gallery.
They renovated the Gallery so, we renovated their identity.

CSG final

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